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Customers required quality. Quality improves profitability. That is why the people that work in PYA are committed in constantly improving the quality of our products and satisfying our client’s needs.

Suspension & Mount

Exhaust Moun

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PYA Automotive offers a comprehensive line of Grommets for a wide range of suspension applications. All of our Grommets are constructed of high-quality materials for long-lasting durability.

Manufactured for:
  • Mazda
Attachment Method:
  • Push-Ins
Sizes & Color: * Colors available upon quote request

Quality & Warranty Notice:

Our parts are subjected to artificial and accelerated weathering tests which simulate natural weathering. Controlled cycles of ultraviolet radiation light, salt, electric arcs, water spray, and heating elements are used to simulate the natural conditions of sun, rain and temperature changes. Reometer and Mts test Optical comparator